The TechByter Worldwide Cat Rating System

Products and services rate from 0 to 5 cats. If I give something 5 cats, it means that the application, service, or product meets or exceeds every essential performance metric. If you see a 4-cat or 3-cat rating, the application, product, or service is still a solid performer, but lower ratings indicate increasingly serious problems ("issues" in today's vernacular). I recommend avoiding applications, products, or services with 2-cat or 1-cat ratings; in many cases, these are early development editions that will probably improve with age. Those few applications, products, and services that rate 0 cats should be avoided.

5 cats  

"Purrfect. Absolutely purrfect."

We love it. Couldn't be any better. This is the kind of rating we like to give.

5 cats  

"As good as catnip."

The application or product does everything expected of it and maybe a little more. Not quite perfect, perhaps, but close.

5 cats  

"I'll play with it later."

You won't be disappointed by something with this rating, but it's missing some important features. Or at least it's missing features I think are important.

5 cats  

"Give it to my brother."

Here's something that's heading in the right direction but probably needs another iteration or two of the development cycle.

5 cats  

"Time for a hissy fit."

They're not "bugs", they're "features". You'll want to wait a bit for a later version.

5 cats  

"Don't drag this home."

Just say no. Vehemently.