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That's the tag line I used for several years starting in the mid 1980s when Technology Corner became a part of WTVN Radio's Sunday morning line-up. The program has expanded its coverage area from that of WTVN's signal (Ohio and bits of the surrounding states) to a website and podcast that have earned listeners and readers from coast to coast in the United States and from as far away as Canberra, Australia.

The exact origin of the program is lost, but it began sometime in the mid 1980s*. Thanks for listening and reading for all those years!

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* In those days, computers had no hard drives, 256KB of memory, 5¼-inch floppy disks that really did flop, "big" monitors with a 12-inch diagonal measurement, video systems with 16 colors and no graphics, and processor speeds of 5MHz or less. Today people carry around 100GB hard drives in their shirt pocket, anything with embedded memory has at least 1000KB, floppy disks have been replaced by USB drives, monitors are huge and display millions of colors, and processor speeds are measured in gigaHertz.

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