Mar 012012

I don’t know how Viacom obtained an address that I use only for friends but for the past several months the company has been sending spam to the address. The messages all offer an opt-out link (see the “Unsubscribe” link below) and I have used this link several times because I thought that Viacom might actually play by the rules. The spams continue to arrive.

Despite offering an opt-out link, you will never be removed.

At the bottom of each spam, Viacom lies by saying “You are receiving this message because you agreed to receive marketing offers about and from Viacom International Inc and its corporate affiliates including those from and about Paramount.” I did no such thing and the address Viacom is using is not one that I would ever use to subscribe to anything.

So OK, Viacom. It’s time for the big guns. I’m tired of playing whack-a-mole with you. As of this morning, my server will deliver all mail from any address that contains “viacom” to /dev/null. In Linux speak, sending a file to the null device means that it will be deleted.

Good-bye, Viacom. Forever.

This episode raises the following question: Do marketers really think they have anything to gain by thoroughly annoying the people they’re trying to reach?

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