Feb 012012

So far I’ve clicked the “unsubscribe” link from every message Comcast has sent to an address that I never give anyone and I’ve blacklisted every address they’ve spammed me from. Comcast keeps spamming from new domains.

Messages from *@*.cmt.com, *@*.comcast.com (sorry if you have a comcast address!), *@*.mtv.com, and *@*.viacommedianetworks.com will all be blocked. Others are added regularly.

I suspect that someone gave Viacom my address but that doesn’t take Viacom off the hook. Any organization that spams me without even bothering to confirm that I’ve signed up for their junk, continues to spam me after I’ve complied with their opt-out procedure, and then spams me from multiple new domains isn’t an organization that I consider to be ethical.

So keep it up, Viacom. I can block domains as fast as you can set them up.

And I hope you rot in hell.

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