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Top Stories from Wired

Silly YouTube, Don’t You Know Making the Internet Nicer Is Impossible?

Silly YouTube, Don’t You Know Making the Internet Nicer Is Impossible?
Heavy-handed algorithms aren't the only culprit here—there's plenty of human error too. The post Silly YouTube, Don't You Know Making the Internet Nicer Is Impossible? appeared first on WIRED.

Congress Is About To Give Away Your Online Privacy

Congress Is About To Give Away Your Online Privacy
Opinion: Lawmakers shouldn't revoke an FCC law that protects consumers' privacy. The post Congress Is About To Give Away Your Online Privacy appeared first on WIRED.

TechCrunch Gadgets

Nintendo blames Switch Joy-Con issue on ‘manufacturing variation,’ offers fix

 Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, has been received quite favorably by us and others (having one of the best games ever on it helped) — but one recurring complaint concerned the Joy-Con L, or left controller, as everyone else calls it. Interruptions in the wireless signal were rare for me but more common for others, and Nintendo has finally acknowledged the problem as a… Read More

The Casio Edifice EQB501 takes a licking, connects to your cellphone

 Casio makes beefy watches for not-always-beefy people. Their latest, the Edifice EQB-501 is an interesting amalgam of form, function, and high tech features and it has enough dials, buttons, and sensors to keep well-connected on your trek through the jungle, urban or otherwise. This monster watch is 44.4mm wide and water resistant up to 100 meters. It connects to your phone and the CASIO… Read More

ANA’s new C-3PO jet is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication

 Fancy paint jobs for airplanes are nothing novel, but few airlines ever really commit to making their jets look unique like Japan’s ANA. The air carrier’s latest custom craft is one of its Star Wars series of planes, commemorating everyone’s favorite golden protocol droid with a C-3PO yellow fuselage wrap, and interior decorating to match. The C-3PO ANA Jet follows R2-D2… Read More


LastPass fixes serious password leak flaws

Developers of the popular LastPass password manager rushed to push out a fix to solve a serious vulnerability that could have allowed attackers to steal users' passwords or execute malicious code on their computers.

The vulnerability was discovered by Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy and was reported to LastPass on Monday. It affected the browser extensions installed by the service's users for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

According to a description in the Google Project Zero bug tracker, the vulnerability could have given attackers access to internal commands inside the LastPass extension. Those are the commands used by the extension to copy passwords or fill in web forms using information stored in the user's secure vault.

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The anatomy of a powerful desktop with an ARM chip

When he was growing up, a dream of Linux pioneer Linus Torvalds was to acquire the Acorn Archimedes, a groundbreaking personal computer with the first ARM RISC chips.

But in 1987, Archimedes wasn't available to Torvalds in Finland, so he settled for the Sinclair QL. In the meanwhile, the Archimedes failed and disappeared from the scene, killing any chance for ARM chips to dominate PCs.

Since then, multiple attempts to put ARM chips in PCs have failed. Outside of a few Chromebooks, most PCs have x86 chips from Intel or AMD.

The domination of x86 is a problem for Linaro, an industry organization that advocates ARM hardware and software. Many of its developers use x86 PCs to compile programs for ARM hardware. That's much like trying to write Windows programs on a Mac.

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iPhone, Mac owners: How to stymie hackers extorting Apple, threatening to wipe devices

Hackers claiming to have hundreds of millions of iCloud credentials have threatened to wipe date from iPhones, iPads and Macs if Apple does not fork over $150,000 within two weeks.

"This group is known for getting accounts and credentials, they have gotten credentials in the past," said Lamar Bailey, director of security research and development at Tripwire, of the purported hackers. "But whether they have that many ... who knows?"

There's another reason for not panicking, Bailey said: People can quickly make their accounts more secure, assuming the criminals have only collected, not actually compromised the iCloud accounts by changing millions of passwords.

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Wal-Mart launches emerging tech incubator

Wal-Mart Stores is creating what it's calling a technology incubator in Silicon Valley that's focused on technologies that will change how people shop.

Dubbed Store No. 8, named for an Arkansas location where Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton tested new store features, the new venture will try out and possibly invest in technologies like virtual reality, drone delivery and autonomous vehicles.

Don't get your hopes up about shopping in the world's coolest Wal-Mart. This will not be an actual store.

Store No. 8 acts much like a venture capital firm, working with startups, entrepreneurs and academicians.

The group, according to Wal-Mart spokesperson Ravi Jariwala, will back startups in various categories, such as machine learning, virtual reality and autonomous systems.

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Google cites progress in Android security, but patching issues linger

The chances of your encountering malware on your Android phone is incredibly small, according to Google.

By the end of last year, less than 0.71 percent of Android devices had installed a " potentially harmful application," such as spyware, a Trojan, or other malicious software.

That figure was even lower, at 0.05 percent, for Android phones that downloaded apps exclusively from the Google Play store.

[ Further reading: 16 Android tips and tricks you shouldn't miss ]

The internet giant revealed the figures in a new report detailing its efforts to making the Android OS secure. Thanks to better app review systems, the company is detecting and cracking down on more malware.

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Tech Republic Small-Medium Businesses

NethServer 7: Major improvements make choosing this server a no-brainer for SMBs

With the significant security and networking advances in NethServer 7, Jack Wallen believes SMBs should add this budget-friendly open source server to their hardware shopping lists.

Is Linksys Velop mesh network a smart buy for your small business?

If your small business or home office suffers from wireless dead spots, you might consider a mesh networking device. Meet one of the new players in that realm: Linksys Velop.

How to add a cloud-based document app on Nextcloud

If you want to add document editing capabilities to your Nextcloud server, learn how to do so with the help of the Documents app.

NIST's Cybersecurity Framework offers small businesses a vital information security toolset

Small businesses run lean, and bad guys know that means security may be less than adequate. NIST researchers share ways that small businesses can protect their information.

GoDaddy ups security with email encryption and archiving for Office 365 users

GoDaddy recently announced that they were offering specific new security features for their customers who use Office 365.