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Top Stories from Wired

Samsung’s New Windows Tablet Is Your Laptop’s Worst Nightmare

Samsung’s New Windows Tablet Is Your Laptop’s Worst Nightmare
The 12-inch Samsung Galaxy Book represents the bleeding edge of the tablet-as-laptop space. The post Samsung's New Windows Tablet Is Your Laptop's Worst Nightmare appeared first on WIRED.

Nokia Revives Its Indestructible Candy Bar—and Shows Off Three New Phones

Nokia Revives Its Indestructible Candy Bar—and Shows Off Three New Phones
The Finnish giant doubles down on big Android phones. But also, there's a new 3310 👀 The post Nokia Revives Its Indestructible Candy Bar—and Shows Off Three New Phones appeared first on WIRED.

TechCrunch Gadgets

Motorola does the unthinkable and unveils gadget concepts

moto-2-of-5 The gadget world is stale and boring now. Phones look the same. Action cameras copy GoPro, headphone companies copy Beats. Most electronic companies are overly cautious about going to far. Vaporware can kill momentum. Yet today Motorola threw its arms in the Spanish air and said fuck it. During its Mobile World Congress press event, the company basically said here are some products we might… Read More

Live from Samsung’s 2017 MWC press conference

mwc-2017-pc_main A very happy Mobile World Congress to you and yours. The world’s largest smartphone show is still a couple of days from its official kick off, but there’s plenty of news to be had this weekend. Samsung will be taking the stage tonight in Barcelona to show off – well, not the Galaxy S8. That much we seemingly know for sure. The company announced a few weeks back that… Read More

Watch Samsung’s MWC conference live right here

shutterstock samsung Samsung’s press conference at MWC in Barcelona is happening today. The conference starts at 7 PM CET (6 PM GMT, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST). You can also check out our liveblog to get our commentary on Samsung’s news. Last year, the company unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. While Samsung said that the Galaxy S8 isn’t just ready yet, you can still expect a bunch of new… Read More


LG launches G6 with 5.7-in. display in narrow body (+ video)

BARCELONA -- LG on Sunday introduced the G6 smartphone with a 5.7-in. display in a new 18:9 aspect ratio that is designed to enhance videos and game play.

The phone also comes with a bigger 3300 mAh battery -- 500 mAh more than the LG G5 -- that includes heat pipes to dissipate heat, similar to the way some laptops disperse heat. Battery heat is a current concern of smartphone makers, especially after Samsung Note7 Lithium Ion batteries overheated last year, prompting a worldwide recall of the devices.

The G6 looks to solve the dilemma of smartphone users who want both a large screen and a small enough handset to be used with one hand, LG officials said.

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Back to the future: BlackBerry KEYone launches with physical keyboard

BARCELONA -- BlackBerry phones with their physical keyboards were around years before the iPhone emerged in 2007. Yet, BlackBerry devices today command less than 1% of the world's smartphone market.

Under a licensing deal with BlackBerry of Canada announced last year, TCL Communication of China on Saturday announced another physical keyboard smartphone model called the BlackBerry KEYone.

In a bid to recall the glory days of BlackBerry, the KEYone features a 4.5-in. touchscreen as well as 52 raised physical keys in four rows at the bottom and a speedy SnapDragon 625 processor.

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Uber rejects claims it stole Waymo's self-driving car tech

Uber is dismissing allegations that it stole trade secrets from self-driving car rival Waymo, calling them “a baseless attempt to slow down a competitor.”

“We look forward to vigorously defending against them in court,” the company said in an email on Friday.

The day before, Waymo, a spin-off from Google’s self-driving car initiative, filed a lawsuit against Uber, claiming that the company had stolen designs for a key technology that makes computer-led driving possible.

[ Further reading: What Google's lawsuit against Uber means for the future of self-driving cars ]

According to the lawsuit, Uber allegedly built a LiDAR system for its own self-driving car that lifts confidential designs from Waymo’s own technology. LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, can essentially help an autonomous car map its surroundings.

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Microsoft's support rules for Windows 10 LTSB void allure to enterprise customers

Microsoft has largely invalidated one of Windows 10's signature concessions to corporate customers, said Gartner analysts who recommended that enterprises reconsider running the operating system's most stable and static edition.

"Microsoft has clarified support plans for LTSB, highlighting restrictions and caveats that could make this an unviable strategy," wrote Stephen Kleynhans and Michael Silver in a Gartner research note to clients earlier this month.

LTSB, or "Long-Term Servicing Branch," is one of three release tracks that enterprises can select for their Windows 10 devices. Unlike the others -- called "Current Branch" (CB) and "Current Branch for Business" (CBB) -- LTSB does not involve once- or twice-yearly upgrades that add new features and morph the user interface (UI). Instead, LTSB versions receive security updates only.

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Afraid of A.I. taking your job? Yep, you likely are

Despite the promise that robots and artificial intelligence actually could help many people do their jobs better, most simply aren't buying it.

And a lot of people are still afraid that emerging technology will steal their jobs.

Only 4% of 2,000 people surveyed said they thought emerging technologies would make their jobs easier, while 48% of those familiar with the idea of disruptive technologies fear it will cause layoffs in their industry and more than 38% said it might cost them their jobs personally. This is according to a new study from SelectHub, a company focused on helping enterprises make technology decisions.

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Tech Republic Small-Medium Businesses

NethServer 7: Major improvements make choosing this server a no-brainer for SMBs

With the significant security and networking advances in NethServer 7, Jack Wallen believes SMBs should add this budget-friendly open source server to their hardware shopping lists.

Is Linksys Velop mesh network a smart buy for your small business?

If your small business or home office suffers from wireless dead spots, you might consider a mesh networking device. Meet one of the new players in that realm: Linksys Velop.

How to add a cloud-based document app on Nextcloud

If you want to add document editing capabilities to your Nextcloud server, learn how to do so with the help of the Documents app.

NIST's Cybersecurity Framework offers small businesses a vital information security toolset

Small businesses run lean, and bad guys know that means security may be less than adequate. NIST researchers share ways that small businesses can protect their information.

GoDaddy ups security with email encryption and archiving for Office 365 users

GoDaddy recently announced that they were offering specific new security features for their customers who use Office 365.