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Listening to the TechByter Worldwide Podcast

Each week's program is packaged as a podcast no later than Sunday morning and often by early Saturday afternoon. The programs are typically 20 to 25 minutes long—longer if there's a lot to say about a topic and shorter if there isn't. Unlike radio, there isn't a specific amount of time that must be filled, so I cover what needs to be covered and then I shut up.

The easiest way to listen to the podcast is with Itunes (see below) because you can subscribe (there is no charge) from the Itunes store. If you prefer not to use Itunes, you have two other options:

Each week's podcast is posted in a streaming audio format on the program's Web page.

You may subscribe to the podcast as an RSS feed and use any standard RSS aggregator that is capable of playing audio.

Another option is to use the website's streaming audio function. The most recent program will always be here and podcasts for older programs are streamed from near the bottom of the program's page. New programs are usually available by 9am on the program date.

25 Feb 2018 - Podcast #581 - (21:43)